Some recent photos and a video experienced here in Taiwan:

BIG grasshopper

BIG spider

BIG bell

More BIG bell

The beginning of the opening performance for the "Mid-Autumn Festival" celebration I attended last night at DDM's Tian-nan Temple.

Video I took also from last night’s performance by a singer named 齊豫, who is very famous in Taiwan (she had many popular songs in the 1980s evidently); she now sings mostly Buddhist songs. This one is about the Three Refuges. She has a very lovely voice. (Sorry for the shaky camera.)

Here’s a more professional version of the same song, with Chinese lyrics, too.

Finally, a very beautiful photograph I stumbled across recently of Pranjnaparamita, which you can read about here on an earlier post.

The body of emptiness

That’s it for media. Next post, please….