So, with apologies, I need to suspend the weekly posts on this blog for the next few weeks. These Chinese classes are too consuming at the moment, and I am finding that I cannot give enough attention to write or share much that is worthwhile. I have a number of things I would like to share, but they will have to wait.

And, though I would much rather be spending time studying the Dharma rather than 中文語法, it isn’t all that feasible at the moment. So, I’m trying to make my study of 中文語法 my study of the Dharma.

Hopefully things will open up in a few weeks, and I’ll be able to write again.

In the meantime, here are a few Dharma-websites that may be of interest:

A few weeks ago at our English Dharma class here in Taipei, we talked a bit about the Wheel of Life, which is a phenomenal visual teaching of samsara, the endless rounds of rebirth (also known ast the “wandering on”). Here is one depiction of the Wheel of Life:

Lord Yama holding the Wheel of Life, which is in truth just a mirror reflecting our own minds.

There is so much teaching in this painting: the six realms, karma and karmic consequence, Dependent Co-arising, the three poisons, compassion, repentance, just to name a few. One can spend one’s whole practice just on this image.

In truth, we do just that.

A few students from the class were quite interested in this depiction, so I found a few websites that help explain a bit about this iconography. Here’s one of them (from NPR of all places): a nice interactive site with narration from Robert Thurman. Here is another interactive site, with a bit more explanation, but without the enjoyable narration from Dr. Thurman.

This image was part of my early education as a young Buddhist, and it still holds a tremendous amount of inspiration, explanation, and guidance.

Some what related to the Wheel of Life, I came across an interesting time-lapse video of Tibetan monks making a sand mandala that is quite nice to watch:

A beautiful offering, formed by a deep understanding of impermanence.

So, again, with apologies for the lack of time, I’ll post again in a few weeks. If you don’t want to bother to check back occasionally, you can subscribe to this blog, and thereby receive an email each time something new is posted. You should be able to find the subscribe button on the right side of the home screen of this blog.

As always, I hope this finds you well. Thank you for reading, and thank you especially for your interest and practice of the teaching of the Buddha.