I’m embarrassed to realize that it has been three and a half months since my last post.

Well….how are things?

For me: Fortunately, I’m still alive! (幸虧我還活著!) This has become my default response recently in Chinese when asked how things are going….:)

It has been a very fast-pace and interesting couple of months, including a quick trip to the US, moving to the dormitory here at National Taiwan University, and trying to maintain some semblance of momentum in my Chinese studies.

All in all, things are well. I’m shocked to see how much my Chinese has improved, and wonder at times who it is that is speaking such things out of this body. For example, here is a recording of a speech I gave at the end of last semester. Our topic was, “Does the notion of a Utopian society have any value today?” Kind of fun.

I’ve recently begun this fifth consecutive semester of Chinese, and hope that I just have one more to go. This means that I should be “finished” by December of this year. And, just to be clear, by “finished” I really mean finish paying tuition in order to study Chinese. In studying Chinese, as with anything worthwhile in life, one is never “finished.”

Once I send this post off, it will be followed immediately by the first introductory post regarding the Lotus Sutra. I hope it will (finally) be the beginning in a series of posts on this Sutra. It looks like in my one-on-one class at my Chinese school, my teacher and I will be beginning to study a 6th Century text written about the Lotus Sutra; so hopefully this will provide some good food-for-thought in upcoming posts.

I’ve searched for any post-worthy photos, and haven’t found any except the one below, taken the other day at a restaurant with some folks from my school. It was a lovely day out.

I very much hope this finds you well.

A flower-graced after-meal tea, with friends.