Lotus Sutra resources

A richly illustrated Lotus Sutra. Found here: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1994.207

This page is devoted to resources related to the study, understanding, and practice of the Lotus Sutra. Most of these resources are online, but a few are not. Please keep checking back for updates and we progress through the sutra. In the meantime, I’ll post a few things now.

And, just to be clear, most of the resources I will include will not necessarily be related to one type of Buddhist school over another. There are some Buddhist organizations extremely devoted to the Lotus Sutra, sometimes to such an extent that they resemble a type of Buddhist fundamentalism. The page will include writings and resources beyond such things. The Lotus Sutra, to my mind, has little to do with dogmatism and much more to do with helping all beings learn how to find our way along the path.

The two Buddhas in the Precious Stupa of the Lotus Sutra: Shakyamuni Buddha and Prabhutaratna Buddha

Online Translations:

–Full Translation from Rissho Kosei Kaifound here (a full pdf of the Lotus Sutra).

–Full Translation by the Buddhist Text Translation Society, found here online in full.

–Full Translation by Tsugunari Kubo, Akira Yuyama, two Japanese scholars, found here in full .pdf format.

–Partial translation, from another Rissho Kosei Kai’s chanting book, found here.

–Partial Translation by Burton Watson (here’s a .pdf of just this chapter 2.)

–Full translation of the Sanskrit by H. Kern, found here (however, it says that it is translated from Kumarajiva’s version, which can’t be correct; Kumarajiva’s translation is in Chinese; H. Kern translated this from Sanskrit.)

Other Translations (with links to Amazon

–Translation by Gene Reeves.

–Translation by Leon Hurvitz.

–Translation by Burton Watson

Commentaries: (more coming)

There are a few commentaries available online as well.

A very nice and concise introduction to the entire Sutra: A Guide to the Threefold Lotus Sutra (pdf)

A longer commentary by the same author: Buddhism for Today (pdf).

Books, Talks and Articles: (more coming)

An excellent, recent book of contemporary essays related to the Lotus Sutra: Readings of the Lotus Sutra (linked to Amazon, including a Kindle version.)

A very nice, personal essay of why the Lotus Sutra is important to Michael Wenger, of the San Francisco Zen Center (pdf).

An interesting look at the first translation from Chinese of the Lotus Sutra. Here’s the article, and here’s the translation (slightly revised) they are talking about.


2 thoughts on “Lotus Sutra resources”

  1. Great resource. Thanks.

    Two additional sources to consider:
    D. Lopez (2016). The Lotus Sutra: A Biography. Very readable narration of the LS’s development and its spread to China and Japan.

    Ikeda, D. et al. The The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra, aber 6 Volumes. A dialogue discussion the 28 chapters of the LS in a contemporary light.

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